Thursday, January 30, 2014

Photo a hour. Gala time.

Here us my January photo an hour. It's from a gala that Eclipse dances in to help raise money for our company. Here we go.

Cranky and out the door.

8 am.
Coffee makes life a bit better and were at the venue.

9 am.
Reading while I await instruction from the boy. He does lights for the show so we're there early to get lights set.

10 am.
Helping. At least that's what I call it. I pretty much sit there and he yells what channel he wants me to turn on. Not a bad gig.

11 am.
Reheating my coffee after helping to set up the lobby with people.

12 pm.
A water main broke on the street next to the theater. Luckily it didn't affect us.

1 pm.
Sitting in the balcony to run the follow spot. I get to run the spotlight for the ballet pit on by the ballet students. This year was Charlotte's Web, i love that they do creative and interesting ballets. I love that spot light. I would like one in my everyday life. It would be so dramatic. Maybe I'll just find a really strong flashlight.

2 pm.
Into the dressing room to get set to tech.

3 pm.
Watching Synthesis dance tech. They are fantastic.

4 pm.
Time to not look homeless anymore and put on the pretty for the cocktail hour. (Company members assist with different elements as needed)

I missed taking pictures at 5 and 6 because I was busy.

7 pm.
Eclipse performs a trio called Embers that I love watching, I almost cry every time I see it. It's beautiful.

8 pm.
In the catwalk waiting to drop some rigging down for a performer from the circus school.

I missed 9 pm because I was dancing.

10 pm.
Show over. Time to help break down. I love the no sign over the switch. We learned that it blows the fuse for the lights in the dressing room when a sign had fallen off another switch. Oops.

11 pm.
The pulls for the curtains as we turn lights off.

It was a fun, hectic, tiring day but it's always fantastic.


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