Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kitty Sitting

My baby brother went on vacation which left me to watch the kitties! Since I'm not allowed pets in my apartment (I am also not allowed to get one until I can keep a plant alive for a year, 2 months down, 10 to go!) I am always excited to take care of the animals in my family. The top picture is Shelby, she's a shy sweetheart who was found alone outside at 4 weeks old. My brother has had her since then and she's grown quite a bit but is still wary of everything.
The fellow below is Boston. He thinks he's a dog and loves attention, he responds to his name and runs through the house like he weighs fifty pounds.
He also loves to sit on legs so you can't leave. Ever.

He also loves to shove his head under the couch and enjoy the heat from the vent under the couch. He stays like this hours.

Sweet Shelby trying to sleep while I take photos of her. She's very patient with me.

She finally tuned me out.

Boston putting up with me and the camera.

Long cat.

Shelby always looks concerned when I come up the stairs. I'm not sure if she thinks I'm going to pick her up or fall down the stairs.

I hope he goes on vacation again so I can watch the babies again.
I'll also gave a Clancy update soon.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pumpkin Party.

We had a gathering a few weeks ago to pick and carve pumpkins. I love pumpkin anything, but I haven't carved pumpkins in decades. It was way more fun than I remember. We went to a local farm and found our pumpkins there, and some bunnies, which I was not allowed to take home.

The boy in the stand.

So many pumpkins to choose from.

Finally found one of mine.

The stand was adorable and the woman that runs it is charming and sweet. I will be going back soon for other fruits and vegetables.

This is grandpa bunny. He was rescued and is massive, he also loved me.

This guy also wanted me to take him home.

Our posse wandering out into the fields.

Then the carving began.

I couldn't get the tip off my pumpkin so the boy gad to help me out.

So many pumpkin guts.

I went with a classic type pumpkin. Jo made a kitty and the boys put me to shame.

Gordon complete.

All of our pumpkins.

All lit up.

We need to make this a tradition. So much fun and now we have pumpkin seeds for months.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

March in feet.

So the boy pointed out that I'm forever taking photos of my feet. Where my feet go. What shoes i have on. How my feet are positioned. Sometimes no shoes (I have some crazy toes/feet). I think it comes from being a dancer. We work so hard on our feet, so why not call attention to them.

Here are a few examples.

I also decided to show off my monkey/alien toes.

How do you feel about your feet?


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Another year at the Big E

Every year I am so very excited to go to the Big E (aka The Eastern States Exhibition). This year was no different.
Every year the boy eats a ton of food from the New England State buildings. But out first stop was to see the circus. I love circuses and this year even more because one of my favorite clowns was performing. His name is Rob Torres and everyone should check him out because be is charming and hilarious. We spent hours wandering around, eating food, and petting as many animals as I could.

The finale of the circus.

The state houses. Massachusetts wins best building because we have a golden lion and a silver unicorn on top.

Connecticut is full of pumpkin people. Some cute but most are creepy.

A super awesome Superman made of Legos.

Giving Tuukka a high five.

This sign makes me giggle every single year, I'm a twelve year old boy.

The boy's favorite food at the Big E, salmon on a stick. It's seriously amazing.

We saw a magic show.

A hypnotizing animatronic show. Every year I each at least two minutes even though it has never changed.

Cheering out local roller derby in during the parade.

I love a marching band, especially if they have baton twirlers.

The Clydesdales end the parade forever. They are gigantic.

Every year there is a food of the Big E. this year it was beeramisu. Basically it was tiramisu with beer. It was decadent and we couldn't finish it, but way less gross than the burger with two glazed donuts as the bun. No thank you.

I wanted to take the bunny home.

Rodney has been at the Big E for years, my goal is to someday pet him. He clearly loves me, this was after me talking to him for five minutes.

Yes, just yes.

We went back another night with our friend Jon, but that's for another day.