Thursday, January 30, 2014

Photo a hour. Gala time.

Here us my January photo an hour. It's from a gala that Eclipse dances in to help raise money for our company. Here we go.

Cranky and out the door.

8 am.
Coffee makes life a bit better and were at the venue.

9 am.
Reading while I await instruction from the boy. He does lights for the show so we're there early to get lights set.

10 am.
Helping. At least that's what I call it. I pretty much sit there and he yells what channel he wants me to turn on. Not a bad gig.

11 am.
Reheating my coffee after helping to set up the lobby with people.

12 pm.
A water main broke on the street next to the theater. Luckily it didn't affect us.

1 pm.
Sitting in the balcony to run the follow spot. I get to run the spotlight for the ballet pit on by the ballet students. This year was Charlotte's Web, i love that they do creative and interesting ballets. I love that spot light. I would like one in my everyday life. It would be so dramatic. Maybe I'll just find a really strong flashlight.

2 pm.
Into the dressing room to get set to tech.

3 pm.
Watching Synthesis dance tech. They are fantastic.

4 pm.
Time to not look homeless anymore and put on the pretty for the cocktail hour. (Company members assist with different elements as needed)

I missed taking pictures at 5 and 6 because I was busy.

7 pm.
Eclipse performs a trio called Embers that I love watching, I almost cry every time I see it. It's beautiful.

8 pm.
In the catwalk waiting to drop some rigging down for a performer from the circus school.

I missed 9 pm because I was dancing.

10 pm.
Show over. Time to help break down. I love the no sign over the switch. We learned that it blows the fuse for the lights in the dressing room when a sign had fallen off another switch. Oops.

11 pm.
The pulls for the curtains as we turn lights off.

It was a fun, hectic, tiring day but it's always fantastic.


Photo a day. The rest of January.

So far, so good with this project. The boy laughs at me for taking random pictures all the time but it's fun. Here's the rest of January.

Jan. 15.
Foggy day in our bipolar weather here in New England.

Jan. 16.
The view above my computer.

Sick. I'm a cranky beast when I'm not feeling well. Luckily the boy is sweet and took care of me as I wallowed.

Jan. 18.
Some pretty snow from our kitchen window.

Jan. 19.
The icicles that were left the next day.

Jan. 20.
Visiting with Clancy. I think he thinks I'm a toy.

My milk.

Jan. 22.
Dressed in ass kicker shoes for an interview. I got the job.

Jan. 23.
Feeling girly, at least from the neck up. I was already back in my pajamas that night by 6 pm.

Jan. 25.
Cool reflections of light.

Jan. 26.
Visiting mr. Clancy again.

Jan. 27.
My old high school. I had so many conversations on that porch.

Jan. 28.
Birthday present for one of my favorite kids. (A Snoopy snow one machine, which was a huge hit with her).

Jan. 29.
Setting sun through the studio window where I teach dance.

Jan. 30.
Sushi date with the boy makes life better. (Our first date was at this sushi place, we try to go every few weeks)

Jan. 31
Cleaning out my makeup and testing lipsticks.

One month down, 11 to go!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Photo a day Jan 1st-14th

So I'm trying the photo a day challenge and so far it's going well. We'll see how long it lasts but I'm having fun with it so far.

Jan 1.

Blurry night shot. Happy new year.

Jan 2.

Snow. And more snow.

Jan 3.

Helping the boy set up lights for the gala my dance company is in every year to help raise money for our season.

Jan 4.

The day of the gala. Part way through the morning a water main next to the theater broke. It seemed more exciting than it actually was, they made people move their cars so the street wouldn't collapse. Yikes. Luckily the road stayed intact.

Jan 5.

At home with the snow.

Jan 6.

Back at the studio to teach dance.

Jan 7.

Sleeping boy.

Jan 8.

Taking my makeup off. I've rediscovered a love if cold cream. My grandmother used it for years and years.

Jan 9.

Inappropriate shoe choices in the snow.

Jan 10.

At Home Depot looking at wood so the boy could build shelves ( they came out fantastic).

Jan 11.

Sass master Clancy (as dubbed by a friend) looking fancy.

Jan 12.

Super warm weather made for an amazingly foggy day.

Jan 13.

Inspiration at my desk.

Jan 14.

I found a binder full if crochet and knitting patterns I collected in college. I think I finally going to attempt to crochet a skirt.

There, first two weeks down, I can do this.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dreaming of summer.

It's been so cold here lately in New England, I wanted to look back on a date night I had with the boy this summer to remind me that winter isn't forever.

We decided to walk down the street to Riff's, an amazing restaurant in a renovated factory called Eastworks in our neighborhood.

Our drinks. (I forgot to take pictures of our food).

I swear he was happy to be out with me, he might have been sick of be taking his picture.

Our food was fantastic. I got my usual goat cheese and avocado quesadilla and the boy got a "hangover" burger. I'm not sure what's in it but it's pretty amazing.

After eating we decided to explore the building a bit because, well, we're nosy. This is the first floor hallway. I didn't get a picture of it but there is a spaceman bear sculpture hanging from the ceiling near another restaurant called Apollo (also amazing food).

We then wandered upstairs where there are a lot of art galleries. This one was my favorite.

Their door.

Another picture of their door.

The inside. There are paintings pretty much everywhere, they've been open for ten years and they have the easiest pricing system ever. The small paintings are $11.11 the next size is $22.22 and it goes up from there. I now have two of the painting I fell in love with that night (the boy got them for me Christmas).

Me climbing on a cart and trying to convince the boy that it was a good idea to push me down the hall. I failed to convince him. Even after offering to push him after.

Oh well. I probably would have fallen off it if I had convinced him. So it's for the best. Now back to winter.