Wednesday, May 11, 2016

busy times.

May is the busy time at work. Nonstop running and hoping to stay on top of everything. Today was my one day off so I took some time to have some puppy therapy time with my puppy brother Clancy. He's all sort of energy and will not cuddle, except when you sit on the back steps of my moms house. Then he wants to sit on your lap and cuddle. I'm hoping this visit will keep me in a calm state of mind through the next few wacky and stressful weeks. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Adventures in Snapchat

So I have finally ventured into the world of snapchat. More shocking is that I'm really enjoying it now that I understand how the app actually works!
I was very anti snapchat but then our dance company had a show and my fellow company members brought me into the land of snap. 
 I do tend to grab a ton of images because I'm a photo hoarder. Luckily my friends are used to this already. Here are some my my favorites so far. 

 Most are from our recent company show and some encouraging words. I am slowly catching up with this thing called technology. 
If you want to add me, feel free. Lots of pictures of my feet and coffee. 

Maybe I will see us in snapland!