Sunday, December 15, 2013

Puppy Brother Update 2

So puppy brother (Clancy) has already grown from spastic puppy into a spastic adolescent.

He loves to play all the time, every second that he is awake. He is quite adorable though, my mom put him into obedience school and he did well, except he's a bit (very) social. He definitely fits into our family.

He finally lost his sharp terrible puppy teeth but he still chews everything, and I mean everything. It's almost hilarious how everything in my mom's house is off the ground now. We've also learned that he's taller than our past dogs. My mom learned that after he ate an entire box of meringue cookies.

This picture of him sleeping got me into trouble. Turns out he's not allowed on the couch. I found that out when I showed her how cute he is sleeping. The day before Thanksgiving I go to her house and cook while she's at work so she doesn't have to stay up all night. She had left me post its (we have a problem with post its in our family) all over the house with rules for Clancy but didn't leave one on the couch. Well, now I know. Now he's probably going to try and get in the couch constantly, I'm glad I could help corrupt him a little bit.

Clancy sharing his toy with me.

Trying to teach him to stay still long enough to take a picture with me.

When I had to leave he brought all of his toys to the door, I assume to try and bribe me to stay and play. I do adore him.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

The day I got my badass back.

This summer I went to see Dropkick Murphy's at a beautiful venue called Mt. Park.

It's an absolutely stunning place. Huge field, sky forever, and it fits so many people. I've never seen Dropkick as the headliner before (I've seen them at warped tour several times, and even got a picture with Ken Casey once, he was the nicest guy.). Anyway, we got there early and wandered a bit. This is the boy with a giant rock.

Them we found a seat on the hill near the stage because I was nervous about being on the floor during the show ( I had a performance in Boston the next day and didn't want to explain to my company director that I had hurt myself the night before). So boy graciously sat in the field with be during the opening band.

The crowd slowly filling up.

Waiting, I have a thing for taking pictures if my feet.

Still waiting.

Then boy started to get antsy and I knew he wanted to go in the floor but he wouldn't go without me, so off we went.
Now I haven't been in a mosh put in years and I was definitely nervous but I figured, you only live once.
We got really close to the stage, I mean really close, like second row. While waiting I took a photo of behind me. No end to the people behind me, thank god I'm not claustrophobic.

Since I talk to anyone around me I made friends with the people around us which made me feel safer. I also have to say that the security was the best I've ever seen at a show. If someone wanted out, they pulled them. When someone got out if control they subdued them, it was beyond fantastic.

Dropkick is an amazing band live and I highly suggest that if you ever get the chance to see them, go.

I had a few yikes moments, I definitely got kicked in the head by a boot and my feet were covered in bruises the next day, but it was worth it. What I forgot that Dropkick does, is during the encore they let the ladies onstage. I didn't remember this until the nice guys in front if me turned and asked me if I wanted up. So these next few pictures are taken from the stage.

We sang, we danced, we hopped around. At one point I ran into an acquaintance and she hugged me and asked "can you believe our lives right now?" I could not.

They were even nice enough to take pictures afterwards, but I had wandered off to try and find the boy. I felt like I could have lifted the mountain at that moment I was so excited. So that was the night I got my badass back.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I had a conversation the other day about handwriting. Apparently cursive is defunct and no longer taught in schools. I have always had terrible handwriting, to this day when I take notes while teaching dance, my students will see my writing and ask me what language that is...

I used to tell them I just had terrible handwriting ( this picture isn't it at it's worst), now I just tell them that I created my own language.


Monday, September 30, 2013

10 likes and dislikes

The title says it all, I'm in a list making mood (I live for lists) so here we go-

10 Dislikes
1. Loud chewing.
2. When people don't acknowledge you in any way when you greet them.
3. Wet shoes.
4. Zombie movies.
5. Wearing sports team apparel in another team's colors.
6. Apathy.
7. Chipped nail polish (my own nails are constantly chipped even when I use topcoat).
8. Poor grammar.
9. Acronyms.
10. My clumsiness.


1. Animals
2. The Boston Bruins
3. Dancing
4. Sushi dates with the boy.
5. Dresses.
6. Traveling.
7. Singing loudly in the car.
8. Naps.
9. Reading.
10. Tag sales.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Puppy Brother

My mom got a puppy (hence the title) and I love him!

We lost our last dog Fosse a few years ago and we weren't ready for a new puppy because it didn't feel right. Recently, through a series of random events ,including a stranger (we make friends with strangers often in my family) telling my mom it was time for her to get a new dog and giving her a dog toy. She decided to listen to fate.

She found him online and we had to wait weeks to meet him but it was worth the wait. His name is (after much debate) Clancy (after the King Clancy Memorial trophy in the NHL) and he's a ball of energy.

As you can see Clancy and the boy immediately fell in love.

He's still learning stairs and loves to play with anything.

I'm sure I'll have a million more posts about this guy (I've already put a million pictures on Facebook and I've only met him twice) as he grows up.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mt. Tom Ice cream

On our day off the boy and I decided to walk into town to get some ice cream. At some point I'll do a full explanation if how adorable Easthampton truly is, it's practically sitcom entertaining.

I've lived here for a few years now and still had never been to Mt Tom ice cream despite having heard amazing reviews and how cute it looked from the outside. I will be going back again soon, especially since they carry my favorite flavor ever, peppermint stick. Here are some pictures from the adventure...

We took a new route to the bike path. We've been. through here before at night and all I could think was that this was clearly where Bruce Wayne's parents net their unfortunate demise. This only made me giggle as we found it later down the way...

Clearly a sign.

Pretty graffiti.

The boy leading the way.

A cool new wood burning project in town.

The sign for our newly dubbed cultural district and the pretty pond.

Rows of candy in the shop.

My peppermint stick ice cream sits with my wallet.

The board, so many great choices and they even made ice cream cakes and pies to go. They also let you bring in a container to get a gallon of ice cream to take home.

They have board fans for you to play.

The sign.

The old school candy the boy treated me to, it's hard to see but that's candy lipstick in the middle! Every time I end up in town at a new place here I fall more in love with the town.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jack and Jill

The past month has been filled with three Jack and Jill's for various friends. All have been fun in their own way, but I'm a little happy we're done with them for awhile. Here are some pics for the luau themed one we went to for our friends Sean and Laura. I love a well executed theme.

Myself, my long lost Brian, and Steph celebrate the fact that I recently discovered beer that I not only CAN drink, but actually enjoy the taste.

Part of my dress (asos) and the purse that was a gift.


Dance Party! (Brian and I have three songs that are ours to dance to now, including blurred lines)

Me and the boy.
Now I can rest after the past fees weeks if celebrating.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

hour a day challenge

I've decided to do the hour a day challenge this year because I need guidelines if I'm going to continue this blog. January wasn't a great start to the year by February is already much better. So here's my January hour a day. The dance company that I'm a member of is part of a gala every year to raise money for our show.
Here it is...

we were up a 7am to get to citystage theater.

8am- coffee to keep me functioning

9am- I get to help with lights, I love this little travel light board. The boy does lights for the show so I get to play lighting assistant. Also, these polka dot pants have become my favorite, I wear the. constantly. Thank you again. forever 21.

10am- after load-in I helped set up the lobby which involved me putting together glow stick necklaces dot kids attending the show.

11am- still helping to decorate the lobby for the cocktail hour.

I should explain that part if the gala is a youth ballet group performing a ballet. This year the ballet was The Lorax, so all of our decorations tied into that theme.

12pm- Noel and I found the worlds coolest wheelchair.

We then proceeded to ride it all over the place.

1pm- Ate lunch and I discovered a very creepy cabinet. I live the crazy things you find in theaters.

2pm- started getting ready for our tech.

3pm on- was a whirlwind of activity that I didn't get any photos of, so I leave you with my favorite thing I found in the theater all day, yes, more amazing than the purple wheelchair.

At first you may be unimpressed. At first glance it just looks like one of those singing fish, and it is, however, this one plays the filet of fish song.