Sunday, February 2, 2014

Photo an hour: murder edition

So the title is way scarier than the day actually was. Our friend Sean got a really fun murder mystery at the science museum as a gift and invited us to join him and our friend Hali (who I only get to see once a year even though I adore her). It was as awesome as I imagined even though we didn't win. I mean we totally won. Team Ben Franklinstein forever! Here's our adventure.

10 am

As always I was running late so I ate breakfast in the car. There was apparently some sort of ice fishing event going on in town. Which I didn't find safe because it was an unnaturally warm day and I feared for their safety. I'm guessing all went well since there wasn't anything on the news that night.


We met up with Sean and Hali and drove to the T. I'm terrible with the machine to purchase tickets and had to be helped. I hate the T and find it to be the most complicated public transit ever. I make Sean write me instructions whenever I have to go to Boston alone because I get so stressed. Luckily he was with us in this trip.


Traveling on the T. Hali and I decided we would be good at solving the mystery because we watch the tv show Castle. We also decided our team name: Ben Franklinstein! based on our theories from what we knew from the pamphlet Hali had, I enjoy conspiracy theory and the second Hali mentioned the Free Masons I was hooked.


We made it to the museum! All I wanted to do was climb the T-Rex, I behaved.


This was our time to solve the mystery at the museum. The company is Watson Tours and they have a bunch if different tours. We will be going to another one. It was basically a scavenger hunt that included problem solving. We did well finding the clues but at finding the murderer (I won't tell you in case you go) but had fun nonetheless.

My favorite picture is the most bottom left picture, you go into a cave and there's a video playing and they filmed the host lying down and talking but it all seems very creepy and you don't want to be alone watching this video.


After the murder was solved we went back in the museum to wander. A good point was raised that the T-Rex in the museum had a scarf but the one outside was left without one. Poor outside T-Rex


View from inside the museum as we were leaving.


Traveling back to the T.

I could see the Boston Garden from our stop. I have a small (insane) love for the Boston Bruins and may have tried to convince our group that we should go over and wave at the players as they left. No one would go with me.


I didn't take picture on the ride home because it was dark. Once we got home I had a glass if wine and passed out for the night.

It was an incredibly fun day and I think everyone should go on a murder mystery at a museum. I'm already looking into going to another one this summer.


Location:Boston Science Museum

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