Sunday, February 10, 2013

hour a day challenge

I've decided to do the hour a day challenge this year because I need guidelines if I'm going to continue this blog. January wasn't a great start to the year by February is already much better. So here's my January hour a day. The dance company that I'm a member of is part of a gala every year to raise money for our show.
Here it is...

we were up a 7am to get to citystage theater.

8am- coffee to keep me functioning

9am- I get to help with lights, I love this little travel light board. The boy does lights for the show so I get to play lighting assistant. Also, these polka dot pants have become my favorite, I wear the. constantly. Thank you again. forever 21.

10am- after load-in I helped set up the lobby which involved me putting together glow stick necklaces dot kids attending the show.

11am- still helping to decorate the lobby for the cocktail hour.

I should explain that part if the gala is a youth ballet group performing a ballet. This year the ballet was The Lorax, so all of our decorations tied into that theme.

12pm- Noel and I found the worlds coolest wheelchair.

We then proceeded to ride it all over the place.

1pm- Ate lunch and I discovered a very creepy cabinet. I live the crazy things you find in theaters.

2pm- started getting ready for our tech.

3pm on- was a whirlwind of activity that I didn't get any photos of, so I leave you with my favorite thing I found in the theater all day, yes, more amazing than the purple wheelchair.

At first you may be unimpressed. At first glance it just looks like one of those singing fish, and it is, however, this one plays the filet of fish song.



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