Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mt. Tom Ice cream

On our day off the boy and I decided to walk into town to get some ice cream. At some point I'll do a full explanation if how adorable Easthampton truly is, it's practically sitcom entertaining.

I've lived here for a few years now and still had never been to Mt Tom ice cream despite having heard amazing reviews and how cute it looked from the outside. I will be going back again soon, especially since they carry my favorite flavor ever, peppermint stick. Here are some pictures from the adventure...

We took a new route to the bike path. We've been. through here before at night and all I could think was that this was clearly where Bruce Wayne's parents net their unfortunate demise. This only made me giggle as we found it later down the way...

Clearly a sign.

Pretty graffiti.

The boy leading the way.

A cool new wood burning project in town.

The sign for our newly dubbed cultural district and the pretty pond.

Rows of candy in the shop.

My peppermint stick ice cream sits with my wallet.

The board, so many great choices and they even made ice cream cakes and pies to go. They also let you bring in a container to get a gallon of ice cream to take home.

They have board fans for you to play.

The sign.

The old school candy the boy treated me to, it's hard to see but that's candy lipstick in the middle! Every time I end up in town at a new place here I fall more in love with the town.


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