Sunday, December 15, 2013

Puppy Brother Update 2

So puppy brother (Clancy) has already grown from spastic puppy into a spastic adolescent.

He loves to play all the time, every second that he is awake. He is quite adorable though, my mom put him into obedience school and he did well, except he's a bit (very) social. He definitely fits into our family.

He finally lost his sharp terrible puppy teeth but he still chews everything, and I mean everything. It's almost hilarious how everything in my mom's house is off the ground now. We've also learned that he's taller than our past dogs. My mom learned that after he ate an entire box of meringue cookies.

This picture of him sleeping got me into trouble. Turns out he's not allowed on the couch. I found that out when I showed her how cute he is sleeping. The day before Thanksgiving I go to her house and cook while she's at work so she doesn't have to stay up all night. She had left me post its (we have a problem with post its in our family) all over the house with rules for Clancy but didn't leave one on the couch. Well, now I know. Now he's probably going to try and get in the couch constantly, I'm glad I could help corrupt him a little bit.

Clancy sharing his toy with me.

Trying to teach him to stay still long enough to take a picture with me.

When I had to leave he brought all of his toys to the door, I assume to try and bribe me to stay and play. I do adore him.


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