Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pumpkin Party.

We had a gathering a few weeks ago to pick and carve pumpkins. I love pumpkin anything, but I haven't carved pumpkins in decades. It was way more fun than I remember. We went to a local farm and found our pumpkins there, and some bunnies, which I was not allowed to take home.

The boy in the stand.

So many pumpkins to choose from.

Finally found one of mine.

The stand was adorable and the woman that runs it is charming and sweet. I will be going back soon for other fruits and vegetables.

This is grandpa bunny. He was rescued and is massive, he also loved me.

This guy also wanted me to take him home.

Our posse wandering out into the fields.

Then the carving began.

I couldn't get the tip off my pumpkin so the boy gad to help me out.

So many pumpkin guts.

I went with a classic type pumpkin. Jo made a kitty and the boys put me to shame.

Gordon complete.

All of our pumpkins.

All lit up.

We need to make this a tradition. So much fun and now we have pumpkin seeds for months.


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