Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day off Adventures

Most days off are spend running errands and catching up on reading. But Sey and I try to take an adventure or at least have a sushi date and spend some time together. We spent our day off a few weeks ago in our annual safety the Big E, which is essentially New England's state fair.

State house row.

There are so many hilarious things to see and enjoy (so much food).

I don't know what this is for.

Maple cream us probably one of the best things ever invented.

I love talking to the cow. Thus year she was telling terrible, terrible milk and cue jokes.

Creepy bee doll in the MA building.

I watch thus every year, it never changes and it's fir kids but Melody Farms Revue hypnotizes me year after year.

It's not a fair without some cows.

The big slide.

The boy waiting for the parade, he was happier than he looks here.

Still waiting for the parade.

Finally the parade!

Coastie, he drives around and talks to people, wicked adorable.

I loved the Beijing acrobats.

Saying goodbye to the mardi gras parade floats.

Good night Big E, see you next year!

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