Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day Off Wandering

Had the day off from work and we had to wake up early to get the oil changed in the car. I love going because they have free coffee in a ton of wacky flavors. So I drink a ton of it and make Seymour generally crazy.

While waiting Seymour even gave me a bitchin' hand tattoo.

Once we escaped with the car all et we went into town for a sushi date and some errands.

Showing off my fancy new tattoo.

Best place for sushi.

Then we went into the used furniture store that just opened in town and after I fell in love with a bunch of furniture that we have no room for I found something I could buy.

A matching set of pink elephant glasses. I'll be back there soon, they have a couch that if the measurements match, I'll be buying. It's a super comfy plaid couch.
I'm off to finish spring cleaning in the apartment to see if I can make that couch ours. Have a great day!

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